Where it all started

My first taste of anything web-based was when I was about 10 years old when I stumbled upon my Dad working on his website and he was stuck with something. After some googling, I figured out how to make the cursor change when hovering over some text. Prior to this I had been opening up small mobile .jar games and changing the images around to add my own logos etc, just putting a little personal stamp on mobile games as a child. This small little discovery opened me up to a brand new world, I wanted to make my own website!

It wasn't long before I had made the most basic and aesthetically un-pleasing website known to mankind, but it was my own creation. As time passed, so did this phase and eventually it thinned out until it ceased to exist. A few years later, I had still retained my, seemingly minimal, skills and I picked up on it again. Basically, through trial and improvement, I have taught myself all that I know today. I have always had the mentality to face a challenge and so I have been successful in learning new languages from setting myself small projects, in said languages, to complete.

AS-Level Results

On the 17th of August, I received the results from my first year at college. Here's what I saw on my results slip:

Computer Science
Information Technology

As my graphics course is a 2 year linear A-Level, I did not receive an AS grade.

GCSE Results

Thursday 25th August 2016 spelt Results Day for me, and this is what I opened in my envelope:

Computer Science*
English Language
English Literature
Further Mathematics
Graphics Design
Information Technology*
Science (Core)
Science (Add.)

*I strongly believe these are incorrect, especially Computer Science. The school was limited to an A in Computer Science, but that's a discussion for another day...

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