Myself in brief

Hey! I'm Kieran and I'm a computer fanatic from Yorkshire. I've just finished my A-Levels (second year). I studied Computer Science, Mathematics, Graphical Communication and Information Technology. All being well, I shall be going to University in September to work towards a degree in Computer Science. My ambitions are to pursue a career in Computer Science, more specifically software engineering. I say this; however I have a strong passion for playing, designing and developing video games, as well as web design - I just want to do anything and everything involving programming and at least one computer!


One of the most basic markup languages - yet an infinite amount to know.


My first scripting language I learnt, for web and mobile-related purposes.


This being such an extensive framework, it would be impossible to know it all!


PHP is my newest web-based programming language that I've picked up...

More about me

My work

Unfortunately, due to the lack of free time, I have not been able to do as much as I wished.
I enjoy all sorts of projects from programming to designing, although my speciality leans to the programming side.
Below are some links to my previous Web development, App development and Graphical projects.

Websites Applications Graphics